Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chopped Up: The Nineties

Here's some more highlights from the brick o' cards Steve over at The Card Chop sent me last week. Covering the golden era here: The 1990's

This '92 Upper Deck foldout is a great addition to my growing Deion PC. I spy a Tropicana ad

More Prime Time, the card on the right has a fold out game from '93 Leaf

Gotta love old food issue cards. Lemke does radio for the Braves from time to time when Don Sutton is off and sounds like he's tipping a bottle the whole game, he gets funnier as the game goes on.

This '89 Score Prospect card has been taped in it's penny sleeve for who knows how long so i'm leaving it that way, I peeled a '99 Topps Finest film off the other day and am scarred now.

I always liked Score for some reason as a kid, now it's kinda meh but this Murph is nice.

It's been said on this blog before but you can never have too many Chippers. A good mix: Prospect, MVP, wily vet.

'96 Fleer Ultra, all of guys who contributed to the the '95 Series team.

Pinnacle and Upper Deck - 2 of my favorite sets ever 

Never got to open any of this high end stuff as a kid, cool to get some of it now - '98 Topps Finest

These '95 Finest remind me I need to grab the subset they did of these in this years Finest, Freeman has a card in it I know.

TP! This guy is awesome tossed me and my kids a ball and signed for everybody when I saw the Braves in Spring. A very cool holograph out of '93 Upper Deck

Everybody Loves Javy

Who doesn't love Collector's Choice?

Even more, I opened a ton of this stuff when it came out but was missing these cards.

Closing it out with the Closer - Wohlers. Thanks again Steve for all the cards they're very much appreciated! I've still got another posts worth of newer cards to show off.

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  1. love those Dubuque oddballs! That's a great haul right there.