Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Braves @ Rays - 8/11/2015 IP AUTO

I went to the Braves game in Tampa St. Petersburg tonight and all I got was this stinking card!

Showed up a little before 5:30 as that's the time on the Rays website that the Braves would be taking BP and walked up to a line to get in the stadium. I guess the Rays don't care if there fans get to see the home team take BP or maybe they didn't take it today.. oh well. Saw about as much Braves jerseys as Rays gear. Caught most of Atlanta's batting practice still, Jonny Gomes is a bad man in BP.

Wandered down to the visitor's dugout area with my daughter to try and snag her a ball and me some autographs, it was already packed so I was only able to grab the Wisler but that was good enough for me and my daughter got a ball so all was well. In the end the Rays won a pitcher's duel 2-0 on a 2 run homer by Kevin Kiermaier in the 7th inning. Still it was my son's first regular season Braves game and the family had a good time so no complaints here just wish the Rays would get a real baseball stadium, I might actually try to follow them if they did.

Me and my daughter at Sam's Club Tropicana Field


  1. In no particular order the most impressive batting practices I have witnessed in person were Ichiro, Todd Helton and Vlad Guerrero. Helton would go foul pole to foul poll which was awesome. Ichiro would showcase that power his teammates would always say he had and Vlad would just murder baseballs.

    Nothing beats a day at the ballpark. Glad the family enjoyed it.

    1. Used to always show up early in spring to see if Heyward would take out anymore windshields, dude is strong. We stayed all 9, the baby slept most of the game.