Sunday, August 30, 2015

Random dimes from South Florida

I haven't made a proper post in almost a month. As I've stated before I was working down in South Florida for the better part of the past 2 months and frequented the LCS there Scott's Sports Cards in Tamarac. He has thousands of "quarter box" cards that I think I went thru twice between my off days. These are my finds.

"Pure Virgin Vinyl"!!!!!!

I'm no Griffey collector but I can't leave a unique Junior behind in a dime box, this is my first O-Pee-Chee of the Kid. Also snagged these 2 Mother's Cookies of father and son.

Love this insert set, missed out on it the first time but was able to snag these plus some others.

Camo foil parallels out of a quarter box? Yes Please.

Random reprint greatness here, love the shot of the Mick and his dog. Always wanted a real copy of this Big Train but this'll do til my budget expands a few hundred times.

I don't exactly collect the Wizard but again can't turn down great cards of his for the cheap.

This '73 McCovey was lonely vintage in this box so I snagged him up.

Couple of Vandy Grads I sort of collect again but I love the cards with guys in college/high school/USA uniforms. Note that Price was drafted by Tampa Bay ( NL)

Random A&G wonders found in the box. The Troll I needed as i'm collecting that subset, the other 2 are up for trade even though they're great looking cards.

Closing this one out with a couple of '86 Fleer Stickers, I don't necessarily collect basketball anymore but i'll peak at random vintage from time to time and these were to cool to leave laying on the counter.


  1. That McCovey is one of my favorites from '73, and the Johnny Bench cameo is a nice bonus. Looks like a solid LCS run!

  2. Great stuff Jeff! I like the Honus.