Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cards From Places - A Post

Today I will show off some cards from different places that got left out of other posts. 

Like this sealed Braves team set which ran me a quarter.

Camo Julio /399 also 25 cents 

PC guy Gronk and new Falcon Mohammed Sanu gold parallels both came out of the same quarter box.

These 2 are from the card show 2 weekends ago but didn't make that post. Here they are in all their die cut glory. 

Picked up this auto of the new Falcons linebacker Courtney Upshaw for 2 bucks at the flea market this weekend.

The following cards all came from a recent Sportlots order placed to keep myself from buying any more 2016 Heritage (I still haven't completed the team set). This base Freeman marks my first card from last year's '51 set.

I picked up all the Braves autos within a week or so of Bowman's Best release buthe just now got the only 2 base cards in the set. Shiny!

These gold parallels aka Golden honeycombs make me long for these... 

Which apparently they still make, I know what I'm doing for breakfast tomorrow...

Anyways let's wrap this one up with some prospect cards.

Thanks for reading as always. 

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  1. I might go flea marketing soon. They are quite prevalent in the area once the weather warms. You did quite well!