Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mark Hoyle Sends Vintage Goodness

I recently got an email from the most famous non-blogging reader around - Mark Hoyle. He said he had some Braves to send me and a trade was set up.

This was me reading the email as I knew a vintage onslaught was headed my way.

I was not wrong, Mark obviously checked my want lists and proceeded to cross card after card off my vintage team set needs. Say cheese Rowland!

This will definitely motivate me to update said lists.

Hey that's not a Heritage!

1979's all around

Pretty good combo here

Mr. Hoyle didn't just send vintage though as shown with the Grilli sticker above and this awesome Andruw rookie I didn't have.

He also sent a nice mix of vintage Falcons

Some Phil Espositos for my semi recent PC of him. He does color commentary for the Lightning radio broadcast and is hilarious at times. Between him and Don Sutton I feel pretty lucky on the radio calls I get to listen to on a regular basis.

Mark sent me an email asking if there were any vintage hockey cards I was looking for, well since my team debuted in 1992 there is no such thing so I told him I collect Atlanta Flames as well even though they stopped playing 8 years before I was born.

I'm glad I did too because I had never seen either of these sets before. Thanks for all the great cards Mark, I should have a return package out tomorrow.

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  1. Seeing a Hoyle PWE in your mailbox is a beautiful thing.