Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Five Tool Golden Rainbow Cracked Bat Collectors - A Trade Post

I don't usually lump multiple trade packages together, but I've fallen more than a couple behind so I'm going to today...

Bryan from Golden Rainbow Cards saw my questionable decision to collect the 2016 base set and decided to help me out with about 20 needs.

Felix was my favorite of the bunch. I know how much everyone else has posted the base cards recently so I'll show off some of the team set needs Bryan sent along with them. 

A couple Hall of Famers sandwiching a Diamondback Brave Lance Cormier. 

Bob who's NOT a Yankees fan despite my constantly confusing him for The Lost Collector in our emails still decided to send me a bunch of needs from '15 Stadium Club. He writes the Orioles/vintage centric blog Five Tool Collector

Love this shot, celebration cards are cardboard gold and there can never be too many of them in my opinion. 

Pretty cool sunset card for The Captain. 

A great shot of one of the best to ever pick it. These put me over the 2/3 mark.

Finally Julie from A Cracked Bat and I pulled off our first trade recently and I went from having zero 2015 minis to having all the Braves in the blink of an eye.

It's well documented that Update boxes produced a lot of dupes. Julie opened one up and was nice enough to send me all her Braves which will go into multiple PC binders or to Spring with me to be autographed. 

Thanks to Julie, Bob & Bryan for all the great cards, i'll be sending something your way soon.

That's it for today, I'm still a couple trade posts behind so I'll be back with more soon. Caught some Yankees BP Sunday when I went to buy my tickets for the Braves game there in a couple of weeks. I'm going to the game Saturday at Disney. Baseball is here y'all! 


  1. Nice! I'm a little bit jealous. Wish I was closer to be able to catch some Spring Training action. Enjoy!

  2. I am supremely envious that you live so close to spring training camps. I am really jonesing for some live, in person baseball!

  3. Steinbrenner Field was the most 'big league-ish' of the spring training stadiums I went to last year. I guess that means it had the most amenities but the least 'character'. Was a good time though. I ended up sitting in a group of Jays fans from Canada. they had me laughing all night.

  4. Glad to unload those '16s on you!!