Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Folty Is Back! - PC Mail Day

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Mike Foltynewicz made his second Spring start today and looked really good by all accounts. I wasn't at the game nor was it televised but he had a solid line.

He didn't report early with the rest of the pitchers due to having to rehab from surgery. At the end of last season he had a blood clot in his shoulder and had to go for emergency surgery, having a rib removed in the process. I'm excited to see what Folty can do in his first full season this year. There's no radar gun at the Astros Spring stadium but according to the Braves radio guys his fastball looked sharp and he got a couple guys looking on the curve. 

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For a guy that can hit 100 I think the lack of radar may have been good for him to get feel back for his pitches as he gets stretched out in anticipation to be the Braves 5th starter. They won't need one until April 12th so it looks like he should be ready by then. 

Well I've already written this much about the guy may as well make this the official 2016 Folty Hype Post. Here's the rest of my Folty autos. 

Here's his full career stats from 2016 Opening Day. 

Anyone your looking forward to seeing play for your club this year, or returning from injury? Thanks as always for reading my ramblings. 


  1. I actually got a Folty autograph in a repack pack of Bowman Platinum. I promptly traded it to someone, I'm pretty sure.

    Someone I'm looking forward to seeing play for the Brewers this year is Orlando Arcia. Assuming he plays well enough in Triple-A and doesn't get hurt, I'd anticipate that the Brewers will give him some playing time in the major leagues this year.

    1. Nice, I've yet to pull one. I was happy pulling his rookie out of GQ last year. I don't open enough packs to pull anything for a PC.. Arcia looks like the real deal, I don't see why they wouldn't at least give him a September call up

  2. I've got an '11 Bowman Platinum Purple Folty and a 14 Minor League Heritage Black if you would be interested. Email me at Superduperman99@yahoo.com if you'd like to strike up a deal. Nice additions by the way.