Wednesday, March 23, 2016

World's Fastest Trade Package from Gavin

Sunday night I posted that I was over 90% done with 2016 Series 1 and several fellow bloggers stepped up saying they'd help. Gavin said he had 2 cards off my lists that "he'd throw on my stack"

Well less than 72 hours later this Schwarber showed up in my mailbox all the way from Portland. Thanks a bunch Gavin I was dreading having to track this one down on the secondary market. With yours and everyone else's help I went from 21 cards on my wantlist to 1. 

Gavin also helped me out with another set build with this gorgeous Whitey Ford from last year's Stadium Club offering. It was packaged with 2 other cards taking me down to 89 to go... 

At first when I saw this '77 Don Sutton I thought "sweet a new card for the PC!" 

Then I flipped it over.... O-PEE-CHEE! Awesome, thanks so much Gavin. This baby is clean too.

2 more for the Sutton PC. Perfect Spring Training shots in both, can't wait to hear Don calling the Braves on the radio verrrry soon.

Nice mix of vintage Bravos were included as well.

Man this thing just keeps getting better and better. New Chipper, Deion and Niekro!

Finally, I just posted a couple weeks ago that I had just got my first Leaf Signatures card of Eddie Perez. Well Gavin decided to double that collection by sending me this Jermaine Dye. Thanks a bunch for all the great cards man and the freaky fast delivery. I'll be sending you a return package before the end of this week.


  1. Wow, that was quick! The post office can be pretty swift when they want to. Glad you like the cards and thanks for the trade!

  2. I've noticed that the majority of my items get to its final destination in two days. Usually the only time it is longer is when I ship to California, Oregon and Washington.

  3. Hey Jeff, I should be able to help out with that last need, what card is it (for 2016, since your wantlist currently shows 4)? I may also be able to help with Stadium Club. Should be able to help out with some of your wantlist PCs and sets as well. find me at

    cheers, Andy