Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dime Box Trade

Got a Easter surprise Saturday when I opened my mailbox and found a PWE from Dime Box Nick. 

Always nice to get a high end card like this 2015 High Tek card in a trade. I'll probably never open a box of this stuff but you gotta love anything acetate. I believe this is the "pipes" version but it could just as well be "crop circles" or "Mayan tile" with the crazy names these always have.

Nick always seems to throw in some vintage in his loaded PWEs. The Camp is a buyback and the Aaron and Reed will go in the team set binders. 

Flash forward to 2016, the Opening Day Olivera was new to me, as was the Simmons. Fitting Andrelton is in red as he's an Angel now, might be watching some of their games for him, Trout and Pujols breaking records. 

Love these cracked ice Bowman cards. Don't know too much about Sobotka.. I just looked him up, he had a 7.31 ERA in A ball last year after not playing at all in 2014 his draft year. 

One team I definitely won't be watching are the Red Sox. This gold shimmer card is top notch.

Closing it out with another 3 of my favorites. Thanks for all the great cardboard Nick, I'll shoot something back your way ASAP.


  1. Mayan Tiles - I think that should be the official descriptor for that pattern. That's one helluva PWE right there!

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! I was tempted to keep the High Tek Jones, but knew it'd be better in your hands. Either way, I knew I couldn't pass it up for a dime.

    1. Dime Tek cards! I'm really hoping they change the setup of that set. The cards are so cool, but you get so few in a box.