Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Six Dollars Well Spent - LCS Recap

Stopped into my LCS the other day and found a busted box of 2016 Donruss and Heritage. Like a vulture I swooped in to dig through the scraps.

Best find of the day without question was the legendary San Diego Chicken. I like that they listed his "position".

The design is exactly the same as last year, they rotated the color streaks a few degress and added stippling.. well done Donruss.

I guess it's like they say "If it's broke and can't be fixed, f--k it"

Don't worry folks, I didn't just get Donruss. I grabbed a few guys I collect out of the Heritage box, I guess I was feeling the purple that day. 

Grabbed all the Braves out of the box because why not at 20 cents a piece. Pretty cool they photoshopped the "Final Season at Turner Field" patch onto Ender Inciarte's fake jersey. I already have all these on the way so if any fellow Braves collectors need them let me know.

Back to Donruss, picked up this Rated Rookie of Hector Olivera the thirty year old rookie.

Also got this die cut #'d/999 for a buck. Don't get me wrong I like Olivera and he has been hitting the ball well so far in spring (I know) but the whole trading prospects for a thirty year old rookie in the middle of a rebuild still irks me.

Last card of the day I picked out of a box full of IP autographs right by the register. I think the guy said 2 bucks but all together the cards shown as well as some trade bait for a couple of you all ran me $6 or the exact same price as that rack pack of Heritage I bought the other day. 


  1. Nice haul! I'm planning an LCS visit next week, hopefully I can do just as good!

  2. Certainly a fine way to spend six bucks. I love that Chicken card!

  3. I'm waiting on my Heritage Braves too. haven't found a team set of the Donruss yet. BTW, the Donruss cards remind me of Fun Stripe gum.

  4. Looks like another yawnfest from Donruss this year.

  5. Signing the SD Chicken to a contract was the best move Panini has made in years. I might actually buy a few packs in hopes of pulling one of his relics.

  6. LCS > rack pack of Heritage. That was good bang for you buck.