Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weekly Mailbag - Spring Fever

For the past couple of years Topps has given away cards in the Spring if you buy so many packs at your LCS. I forget every year,  luckily only one Braves player was in the set and I was able to grab it for a buck fifty shipped to my house without an unecessary trip to the store.  Ah modern technology. 

Hector Olivera you are the enigma. Hopefully this guy lives up to the hype he was getting this time last year. Pretty nice looking card too, no pesky smoke in the corners guys! 

Here's the back since these are fairly new. 

Picked up my first 2015 Immaculate card, a Julio Teheran numbered 17/25. Gotta love paying more for shipping than the actual card but I'm not complaining I think this set me back 4 whole bucks.

Finally my first Leaf Signatures card that I've seen everyone else around here rave about. Eddie Perez is one of my favorite players/coaches for the Braves and I was stoked to add this to the collection for less than 3 ddollars shipped.

That's it for tonight, short and sweet. Thanks for stopping by, I still owe trade posts to Jim, Adam K & Bubba. I haven't forgotten about you guys! 


  1. I've always liked the Spring Fever cards, it's a shame that I've never had an LCS that participates in the promotion, however.

    1. My problem exactly. This year's design isn't as cool as the last 2 though.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, my first time seeing it and I was impressed.

  3. I think I've bid on about 2000 different eBay auctions featuring Immaculate cards and I've only won 1 of them. Immaculate and National Treasures always have tons of Pirates.

    Great mail day!