Saturday, March 19, 2016

Waiting Til Next Year - A Trade Post

 P-Town Tom recently dropped a loaded bubble mailer on me and it hit pretty much all my collecting interests.

Plenty of prospects like this new to me Dansby, my first Team USA card of his. 

He dropped all the base cards of players in the Braves system on me from this set plus these Longevity parallels.  

Boom! This guy's cards are stupid high right now so a base plus a parallel are a big addition to my small PC of the fellow Marietta boy. 

Tom also hit my other main collecting  interest - Oddballs. Love that Justice,  I had never seen one like it before. 

Judge Justice sentencing the Merlins..? What!?

Tom sent me a good amount of '93t Braves, making me realize how few I had and that I need to finish my want lists.. the guy must be telepathic. 

The Klesko is another team set need. The Opening Day Smoltz was new to me as well. 

Closing it out with the Braves closer, thanks for all the great cards Tom!


  1. Any idea of what that Justice card in the center is? Don't think I've seen it, either.

    1. I'll check the back for you when I get home.

    2. That particular Justice card came from my sister's collection from when she was a kid. She gifted it to me a few months ago. Knowing her as I do, it most likely came from a card collecting magazine. Although, I could be wrong.

      Glad you liked the cards. I figured Dansby cards on the east coast are similar to what Kris Bryant cards are in the midwest: hard to come buy at decent prices. I'm glad they found a good home!

    3. It's from a set called Tuff Stuff

      1991 Tuff Stuff Magazine #12 Dave Justice

      Click below if you want to go to a dangerous place. The '66 rookie cup I NEED

  2. Swift Justice - that IS a great card from P-Town! Nice all around!