Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Swan Song - Ed Smith Stadium

Decided to hit one more Spring game before the boys head north for the Summer and brought my daughter along with me for Daddy/Daughter time. 

Don't let her stink face fool you she had a good time.  It was pouring down rain the whole way down until right before we got to the stadium the sun came out. 

She got her ball signed by 5 guys including Eddie Perez as shown here. 

Tyler Flowers also came over and signed for both of us.

We headed down to the bullpen to watch Matt Wisler warm up just before game time. Once he headed out to the mound I spotted Daniel Winkler and asked him if he could sign this card for me.

He did as well as my daughters ball, he signed for every kid waiting for him to leave the stadium as well later that night. He pitched a scoreless frame in relief, striking out the side in the eighth. 

Rain sucks but man does it make for some pretty sunsets after. 

We were already out way past get bedtime so I took my daughter down to where the players get on the buses for a few more autographs. I caught McDowell finally, almost asked him to inscribe it with "the other spitter" 

I've already gotten Wisler once this Spring but figured why not get a rookie card signed and I even gave a spare flagship rookie to a little kid that didn't have any to get signed. All told it was a great night at the ballpark and it even waited until we got in the car to begin pouring again.


  1. "The other spitter" Classic!

    Looks like a fun day. Congrats on the autos.

  2. Congratulations on the autographs. As a kid, that was some of the most fun I ever had -- chasing autographs at the stadium after a game. Your daughter will always remember days like this.

  3. Nice job on the autos. I hope one day I can do that with my kid.

  4. Good stuff, nice work on the autos! Hoping to have some luck this summer when the I-Cubs (AAA) come to town to play. Will be the first ballgames for the kiddos.

  5. Looks like a great day! The stink face picture would be a great one to save for when she's older.