Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Training - Ed Smith Stadium with a Hall of Fame Surprise Auto

Ah the joys of living in Florida. I was in Sarasota today so naturally I figured I'd try and catch the Braves BP at Ed Smith Stadium. 

Mission Accomplished,  Spring has sprung folks.  That's Rio Ruiz and Daniel Castro talking ground balls in the Florida sun.

Here's Mallex Smith talking some hacks, he was putting a charge into several balls and impressed me with his power since he's known as a speedster.

He came over and signed my card I brought with me. I told him I was looking forward to seeing him make his MLB debut this year to which he replied "Me too!" He then proceeded to go 4 for 6 with 2 triples in the first inning alone along with a home run to center field. Take that low power grade! 

Here's a (poor) shot of Ruiz, Dansby Swanson & Ozzie Albie heading out for warm up tosses.

Albies also signed a card for me and homered as well.  More Braves should of signed the cards I brought! 

Right before I had to run I noticed a large group of people gathering on the opposite side of the dugout from where I was standing.  I noticed who it was and was able to buy this ball off a guy for 14 dollars.

It was none other that Hall of Famer Bobby Cox!  My day/season/life was made. What a nice guy he signed for quite a while. 

Inscribed it with HOF '14 and everything. This is one of the prizes of my collection now I definitely was not expecting to see the Braves legend there.

Just as I was leaving in disbelief that I had gotten Bobby Cox's autograph I saw Kelly Johnson signing for a few people and got this card signed before (reluctantly) leaving. 


  1. Impressive day. I'll be seeing the Braves on Friday. I hope Bobby travels that day, too.

    1. It's gonna be on TV, good luck. I'm going to Orlando on Saturday for the game.

    2. I just got Bobby's autograph. Thanks for the heads up about him.

  2. A) I'm so jealous of the weather.
    B) That must have been fun having to buy the ball like that.
    C) Way to get that ex-Blue Jays' manager's autograph! ;)

    1. True I saw him put his ball back in the bag and that he had quite a few.. "How Much for a Ball!?" and ran. Bonny's a former Yankee too don't forget.

      It was a really nice day today, you should of seen how blue the water was on the beach

  3. Wow, Bobby Cox! Nice IP autograph!

  4. Very nice! March is a great month to be in Florida.

  5. Looks like it was an awesome day!