Friday, March 25, 2016

Card Show Pickups

So I guess I'm addicted to flea markets as well just realized I've made 4 trips between the last 2 weekends. 2 of those were last weekend for the monthly Tampa Card Show. 

1987 Moeller High School Ken Griffey Jr.

Picked up a couple pre-rookie Griffins including this one of him still in High School. 

1988 San Bernardino Spirit Ken Griffey Jr. #34

While I don't actively collect Griffey cards I usually pick up cooler looking ones on the cheap. If any of you serious Griffey collectors need either one just let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. 

You need this one Tim? I didn't have any baseball cards of Wilson so I nabbed this one. 

There was a guy with a huge box of '15 Bowman Draft amongst other prospect type cards. Grabbed these 
shiny Braves in their old uniforms. There was a graphic during the rain shortened broadcast last night that since the end of the 2014 season they've made 25+ trades involving 80+ players....crazy Right to left I'd guess these guys start at AAA, AA & AAA with Blair being the next man up to the bigs.

So true...

Out of that same box for 4 bucks I couldn't leave this PC auto behind.

Glad to finally get a sky blue refractor of a Brave. Austin Riley is the next great hope at third base which has been a black hole since number 10 retired.

SI Chipper, yes please. Baby faced Freeman, hit me again.




Hey all those guys are enshrined there now. May just have to make a trip to visit their plaques when Chipper gets enshrined. 

Ok last 2, love finding these Finest cards with the film still intact though I'm always tempted to peel it 

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  1. Awesome haul, again! I am on the lookout for that Wilson/Turner combo, but if you picked it up to have a Wilson baseball card, no worries. It hits the double Wolfpack connection for me, and it looks great!

  2. I give into the temptation and peel the film, but only if it is going in the binder.