Sunday, March 20, 2016

Card Show to Steinbrenner Field - Roadrunner!

I had a baseball packed day yesterday, Tampa Card Show and a game to go to. I made it to the card show at 9:00 sharp and wanted to make it across town to Steinbrenner Field for Braves batting practice at 11. Which left me with only an hour and a half at the card show...

Mission accomplished,  I'd already been in various Targets this week looking for these bad boys and found a guy who had just busted a box.  He had put all 36 packs back in the wax so it was almost like I busted the box myself but for much cheaper. 

This is the one card I was really looking for and it was tucked in the last pack I looked at.  Ah, sweet relief.

I guess I truly have a cardboard addiction as that Folty was the only new Brave on the checklist and I'd been looking for these like a madman. Nice to see they actually used a different image for Julio's base card though. 

Grabbed this Freeman insert for a buck.

Completed the team set, these 3 are the same image as Series 1 however. All told these plus a couple others I grabbed ran me 6 bucks.  I grabbed a bunch of other stuff in the short time I was there but this was the last box I looked at before realizing it was time for me to go. 

It wasn't until I got in the car that I noticed the huge storm that had planted itself over the entire state of Florida. There was an hour plus rain delay but the tarp did finally come off and the game went on...

Not before this happened though, Ralph Garr popped out of the clubhouse during the delay and signed for the fans braving the rain. 

Including me! Pretty cool to see the Roadrunner unexpectedly like that, I just wish I had brought one of his cards with me.

I may not be the biggest Fredi fan, but it's still cool to get the skipper of your favorite club to sign his card. 

Right before the game started I spotted Jason Hursh heading out to the dugout and called over to him. He came over and signed my card and took off. The Braves drafted him as a starter out of Oklahoma State in the first round of the 2013 Draft. He's been converted to the bullpen partly due to subpar play and partly due to the glut pitching prospects in the system. Hopefully he can help the club out of the pen someday.

All told it was a great day full of baseball despite the rain. Thanks for stopping by. 

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