Thursday, September 10, 2015

Phreaky Phast Delivery - A Trade Post

Mentioned on one of Brad's posts the other day that we had never traded and I don't have a Phillies trading partner so we set up a trade and 4 days later a package showed up to my house. I don't think this guy works for Jimmy John's but he could.

My Heyward collection has recieved a boost thru the mail in the past week, I love the relics from A&G even if it is a plain white swatch.

This is my first purple parallel from this years flagship, I don't buy cards at Toys R Us often so these are hard to come by unless you go the online route. I like TLS but it looks like he's buried under all those high end prospects in Chicago.

These cognac/gold shimmer parallels are awesome. Delgado was one of our top prospects for a while but hasn't done much since he was shipped to Arizona for Justin Upton. He's worked mostly out of the bullpen and I think the most notable thing he's done is hit Cutch in the back last year to retaliate for Goldy's hand getting broken... the Diamondbacks.


These should enable me to hold off on rushing out and buying any more Topps Chrome or the new Bowman Chrome. I've got a card show to go to next week so hopefully I will find some there, let me know if you need any Chrome cards and i'll keep an eye out for you.

If Donald Trump designed these cards they wouldn't be near as beautiful. Love that McGriff shot.

A good buddy of mine has a whole box of this stuff ('96 Score) that he ripped back then and left in the box sitting in his garage along with all his other childhood cards. I keep trying to buy it off him or give him all my Marlins cards for it but he won't budge. Hopefully i'll talk him out of it eventually as I really like this set.

This Freeman is a dupe for me but that means a new card for my daughter's FF5 PC, he has been her favorite player since she was 4 and she has a decent little collection going on. Hopefully my 1 year old son follows suit.

Thanks for all the great cards Brad, I may not be as fast as you but I promise there are some Phillies and Eagles cards on the way to you. If you don't already give him a follow over at Brad's Blog

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