Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trip to the LCS - "New" cards

It seems everyone has been posting about buybacks lately so here's my latest addition to the buyback collection, picked up this one and a few others out of the quarter box at Scott's in Lauderdale while I was still down there. Fortunately I have since got a new job in Tampa where I won't have to go out of town anymore, which is great for all other aspects of my life but I will miss this great LCS.

 The Braves have been downright terrible since the All Star Break so I've just been staring at my prospect cards hoping they turn into stars. These guys have all pitched out of the rotation so far for Atlanta except Paco Rodriguez who looks like a ghost in this scan. Was happy to add that International League Prospect card of Teheran as those minor league sets are hard to come by. The Banuelos cards were my first of his, he goes for higher than most as he was a top Yankees prospect for a while.

Missed out on Pro Debut last year so was glad to add these to the collection. Only one of these guys was with the Braves last year, kind of a theme for the team this year.

I don't know what it is about Top 100 cards, but I gotta have more! 

The only All Star for the Braves this year can't catch a break, he's winless in 20 straight starts. May 17th was the last time he won a game.... Miller, on the season, has a 2.86 ERA with a 1.21 WHIP and a 151/61 K/BB ratio over 176 1/3 innings. Poor guy.

Prospects who made it- though Cunningham is more of a AAAA type player at this point who hits around .300 in AAA but has little power so he can't stick at the corner outfield spots he plays. 

Who doesn't love minis

This is the first Studio '13 card i'd seen, used to love these cards as a kid.

Oh damnit what the hell did I buy this for?

As usual the Cardinals get the last laugh, let's just hope Heyward takes the Angels megabucks I envision him getting.

John Hart turned one turd (Chris Johnson) into 2 less stinky turds (I guess) so I picked up some of there cardboard. I do like Swisher's "dudebro" attitude though, he's a pretty funny interview and that's good when your team is on pace to lose 100 games.

Let's close this thing out with some awesome Andruw cards, this guy was THE BEST at one point and if you look at it statistically he is one of the best center fielders of all time and yes I know he got fat at 30 and started sucking but man was he fun to watch in his prime.

I mean c'mon!!!! Looking at Baseball Reference shows me that Andruw is the 155th most valuable player of all time at a premium position CF. Deems HOF votes to me but we will see they hate Dale Murphy and Fred McGriff so who knows. Also looking at that list I see that Chase Utley is dangerously close so that begs the question is Utley a HoFer? If he is that would make Andruw one too but I know WAR isn't the end all be all statistic. Sorry to go on a Andruw rant I just have been watching way too many old highlights instead of the awesome 12 game losing streak we just got off of last night versus the worst team in baseball, keeping us squarely in 2nd.... worst.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. That Studio Heyward is a beauty. Great pickups!