Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Topps Chrome pt II - LCS Victory

After last weeks Chrome failure I vowed to stay out of the card aisle until further notice. Luckily for me my first trip into the LCS here in Tampa in almost 2 months produced half the cards I need from that set.

The store owner had just busted a box and had all the leftovers inside, picked out this Freeman with some pesky red birds for someone else.

I guess Topps Chrome foresaw the Braves absolutely sucking this year as this sweet Andrelton card put me at 2/4 on the base set with the other 2 pending in a trade. Base set COMPLETE!

The store owner had an open box of Pro Debut behind the counter and let me dig thru that as well. Ozzie Albies is only 19 but became our #1 prospect once we traded Jose Peraza to LA in the Hector Olivera deal. Kid is super short, barely five foot but has gap power, gets on base and supposedly can pick it at short.

Gotta love Pro Debut if only for the awesome uniforms that are featured, Wisler here in his Chihuahuas uni. Recent acquisition from the Mets in the Kelly Johnson/Juan Uribe deal Rob Whalen (my first card of his) in the Sand Gnats uni. Another 19 year old in a sweet Braves pullover jersey is our top outfield prospect with some pop and happens to walk at an insane pace for someone so young, i'm looking forward to him coming up if he can get on base anywhere near as much as he is in rookie ball.

Random A&G mini insert found in the football box.

Guy had a nice box of newer football cards on the counter as well and I was able to pick up this Score Insert of Matt Ryan...

Only my second card of 2nd round pick from this year Jalen Collins, the other is a hideous non licensed Bowman card.

Also snagged these 2 second year guys who need to live up to there potential (2nd round and 4th round picks) if the Falcons are going to the playoffs this year.

Oh and all this was cheaper than 2 packs of Chrome. 


  1. Replies
    1. I've got some Topps Falcons for you, including a few of the RC's.

    2. Awesome I pulled a couple broncos out of my rack pack the other day but of course zero Falcons.

  2. I got that Whalen card signed while he was in the Florida State League, just a few weeks before he was traded.
    That card shop you visited, is it on Dale Mabry?

    1. Yessir, right next to PDQ. Its ok, not very organized and just random stuff everywhere. This was the first time they had brand new cards out and I had to ask about all of them. The show at big top on the 19th-20th is worth checking out if your in Tampa

    2. Okay, I visited that shop not too long ago. I don't live very far from it.