Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Off Hiatus - Not a Trade Post

OK i'm back, not that there's a whole bunch of you looking for me or anything but I haven't posted in almost a week and it's not for lack of acquiring cardboard..

Oh no that's not the issue at all, I went to the card show this weekend and picked up a big ol stack of a little bit of everything.

My normal 5/$1 guy that always has new stuff for me had  20/$1 special going on and I went in. These are just a sampling i'll post more over the rest of this week, I started a new job last Monday and had my son's first birthday party this weekend so i've been too busy to blog.

But my Falcons are 2-0 baby! Picked up this low #'d Rocky for a few bones

This one ran me $4 not bad. He'll be starting Sunday against the stinking Cowboys. My Gators are 
3-0 and will be taking on Tennessee at the Swamp this weekend, can't wait. Like I said i've got more to post this week plus 2 killer trade packages from up north. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Geez...here I thought that the package I sent your way got there already. ;-) It went out in the mail yesterday, I think.

    1. Haha hince the "Not a Trade Post" just couldn't think of a better title so I stole yours

  2. Looking forward to seeing what else the 20/$1 cards had in store!

  3. Wow! 20 for a $1! That's a heck of a deal!