Monday, September 7, 2015

Rays from Cards on Cards - A Trade Post

I missed the boat a little on Madding over at Cards on Cards spring cleaning post, he had a bunch of teams sorted and was trading them away to clean out space in his collection (something I need to do).
As you probably know by now if you read this blog I am a diehard Braves fan. The Braves had already been claimed so I claimed my current hometown team - The Rays. Mostly because I knew noone else would.

I moved here right around the same time the Devil Rays were born and they were AWFUL. At that point the Braves were still winning the division every year and my favorite player ever even won the MVP in '99. Plus they were still on TBS so I was able to watch as many games as I wanted so why would I switch to the god awful Devil Rays?

Not only did they lose - A lot. There uniforms were terrible too.

Slowly, ever so slowly they started to accumulate some good young players as teams are wont to do with #1 pick after #1 pick.

I'll admit that once I got into high school my interest in baseball waned slightly, the Braves stopped showing all there games on TBS and the 14 year division winning streak ended in my Junior year. I still watched the Braves when I was in Atlanta for summer vacation but this was before the internet and before I knew about

Finally in 2008 the Rays put enough young talent together at once, changed their name and uniforms and were in the playoff hunt unexpectedly come August. I'll admit I jumped on the bandwagon and rooted for them all the way up thru the World Series where their best 2 hitters completely choked and the clinching game was only about 45 minutes long after a stupid long delay.

I tried to follow the team in 2009 but ended up getting a account and switched back to my beloved Braves full time. I try to follow the Rays and I like them but I love the Braves and can't follow 2 teams with 2 kids.

We go to a few games every year and I listen to the day games on the radio but I am mostly paying attention to the Braves.

I still collect certain guys on the Rays like Chris Archer and David Price even though he's long gone.

Thanks a ton for all the great cards Kerry, I've got an envelope full of red birds ready to send your way on Tuesday.

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