Sunday, September 27, 2015

Card Show 20 for $1

Went to my local card show last weekend at the flea market and ran into a 20/$1 box, awesome! Check Roger "the other spitter" McDowell's shades on this one.

To be honest I had no clue who Don Kessinger was just that this was an awesome chrome college uniform card to add to my mini collection and as it so happened Ole Miss would beat Bama later in the day to much rejoicing. My Gators have to play them next week after a heart attack win today versus the Vols.

My first Leaf 2015 card of my favorite radio announcer Don Sutton in Dodger colored pajamas.

Can't have enough Deion, there is no such thing.

Can't pass up a card if this guy in a minor league jersey.

Love these 90s oddballs 

This card saved me the trouble of tracking all those tiny pieces down myself. 

Ooh 3d Crime Dog

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The other 2 sport athlete that played for both the Falcons and Braves. I realized a few weeks ago I still have very little early 2000s cards. 

These 3 autos actually came out of a quarter box. Shows you can wait 20 years on most prospects and scoop them up cheap. 

Love this card. RIP

This guy loves his bow and arrow as seen in his 30 for 30 on ESPN.

Random vintage Falcons cards are never bad. 

My boys are 3-0 and it feels so nice.