Friday, September 4, 2015

Draft Day - Fantasy alert

I do a 12 team league with a bunch of guys I went to school with,  $50 entry,  standard scoring. Picked our draft order out of a hat and I got eleventh. The first nine picks were all running backs then the guy right before me picked Antonio Brown so I had no other choice but to draft....

1st Round Julio Jones WR1

Julio! Sure I could've picked Dez or D. Thomas but why would I do such a thing when my favorite player fell to me at pick 11 to make it even better.

Photo Credit - USA Today

2nd Round Lamar Miller RB1

Aaron Rodgers and Dez went off the board next then the pick came back around to me, could've went with D. Thomas but wanted a work horse running back. Chose Miller over Jeremy Hill just because Hill has a better back behind him in Giovani Bernard.

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3rd Round Melvin Gordon RB2

I swear I have cards of most of the guys I drafted, hopefully Gordon looks better than he has in the preseason.

4th Round Jordan Matthews WR2

New #1 target in Chip Kelly's offense? Yes please.

5th Round Arian Foster

Saw reports he'll be back by week 3-5 so took a gamble and got Arian in the 5th round.

6th Round Travis Kelce

I had Gronk last year so I wanted to still have a strong tight end, used my 6th round pick to get this guy. Now that Fasano is gone he should get allllll the checkdowns and this dude is a YAC machine.

7th Round Matt Ryan

Looking like a homer here I know but Brady, Roethlisberge, Stafford all went in this round and all the other top QBs were gone at this point. It was pick Ryan or get stuck with Eli or Rivers or worse.

8th Round Darren McFadden

My plan here is for McFadden to steal the show in Dallas behind that super O-Line until the notorious glass man gets hurt right in time for Arian Foster to come back and carry the load for my imaginary team.

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9th Round Michael Floyd

Ok at this point i'm not going to break every pick down, you just pick the best player off the board in these rounds. Or at least that's what I thought you were supposed to do, there were guys taking like 5 minutes to make there 9th round picks, c'mon man!

10th Round Terrance Williams

Dez can't get all the touchdowns right?

11th Round Green Bay DEFENSE

I obviously didn't pick Clay Matthews but look at Cutler's face! Hopefully that's all the QBs they play this year.

12th Round Montee Ball

Had his card but it's since been shipped to Tim at I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning, much like Montee ball looks to be getting shipped out of town in Denver, oh well at least it was only a 12th round pick.

13th Round Blair Walsh


If you have any card of Melvin Gordon or Lamar Miller you are looking to trade let me know.

Thanks for reading, i'll post some baseball cards tomorrow!


  1. Interesting. I feel like Matty Ice still would've fallen further. I know... I know... Falcons. But with so many QB's all being the same this year outside the top 2-4, you can almost wait to the 10th round to draft a QB and get the likes of Manning, Stafford, Bridgewater, Tannehill, and even Bradford. Not a big deal I suppose.

    Also, I would consider dropping Ball. I know he has a name, but he looked horrid on Thursday. He's sitting at 4th in the Broncos depth chart with little chance of breaking out.

    1. I know I went homer a little there but Stafford would be the only guy out of that group I'd pick over Matt and he got snaked earlier that same round.

      I already did, whos taking Bells place?

    2. Non-fantasy players. Though... at this point, I'd actually consider keeping him as he assuredly will be picked up by another team now that he's officially been released from Denver. Being 3rd on the depth chart of some crap team is way better than 4th on the Broncos.... so who knows.

    3. Of course he gets dropped and the team most interested is... the Falcons haha