Monday, September 14, 2015

Flea Market Scores

Today is the day, after a long offseason my beloved Falcons kick off with the first Monday Night Football game of the year. Hosting the Eagles won't be easy but I think it will still be a good game albeit a high scoring one.

Picked this up off eBay for 99 cents plus shipping of rookie WR Justin Hardy who will probably see time in the slot tonight especially with Devin Hester ruled out. I was actually at the Florida-East Carolina game on Saturday which the Gators won, hopefully my luck continues tonight.

Went to the flea market last Saturday and the card vendor who's never there was and had a box of newer football stuff he'd just bought. Hopefully Matt lives up to his title on the card here and puts up 400 plus yards and 5 touchdowns tonight.

Snagged this brand new Clear Vision card of Julio out of there too, wouldn't mind him having a monster game too.

Also nabbed this sweet mini rookie card out of the same box.

Can you tell I like Julio & Matt yet?

Picked up some cards of my fantasy players for this year I didn't have, I have a bad habit of picking up way too many cards of guys on my fantasy teams in both football and baseball. Matt Jones I would've picked up anyways though, that's just a good looking card right there. Not to mention the sweet 813 towel appearance.

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