Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Trip to the Toronto Expo via Doug

Douglas from Sportscards From the Dollarstore went to the Toronto Sports Card Expo and had his eye out for others on the "cardsphere" luckily he included me.  Here's what got sent my way.

I actually believe Doug pulled this one from a  2015 Artifacts box he opened, it's really nice and my first hit of Palat. 

This one is an awesome 2-tone swatch commemorating the Lightning's 2004 Stanley Cup win that St. Louis single handledly saved in game six by scoring the OT winner to send the series back to Tampa for game 7.

This one is probably my favorite card of the bunch as it's my first autograph of my all time favorite Bolt. Vinny is lingering in Philly now but i'll always remember watching him from the moment I moved to Tampa and fell in love with hockey as weird as that sounds.

Not usually a fan of sticker autos but this one incorporating a band-aid is absolutely awesome of former bruiser Enrico Ciccone.

Here's a shiny refractor of former D-man Filip Kuba, always was a fan of his during his short stint in Tampa.

Another 2015 Artifacts, which is a beautiful set and a die cut of Ben Bishop.

Another old favorite, Richards just got dropped to the Red Wings fourth line. St. Louis is retired, Lecavalier is barely hanging on... it feels like 11 years since we won the cup.

Speaking of St. Louis here's a nice mix of base cards I didn't have of his, the silver signature MVP being my favorite of the bunch.

Douglas didn't just send hockey cards though. That DK is my first mini of the set and will head right to the FF5 binder, hopefully he doesn't get traded by the time I get it in there.

Tyrell Jenkins came over in the Heyward trade, was the Braves organizations top minor league pitcher last year and looks to make his Major League debut this year. 

If you haven't traded with Douglas before it's worth the shipping costs to send some cards over the border to this guy. He covered all four teams I collect and always sends a well balanced package, I had the base Deion from this years GK but this insert is new to me. I just got the last card I was waiting on for you in the mail Douglas so if your reading this expect return fire soon.

Closing this one out with some Gators, they laid an egg on Saturday putting up a whopping 2 points at home against FSU and will likely be embarassed again Saturday in the Georgia Dome against the Crimson Tide. Oh well 10 wins in Coach Mc's first season and a SEC East title is non too shabby, we'll probably secure a decent bowl game due to that and hopefully actually have a QB next year.

Anyways Thanks for all the great cards Doug and thank YOU for reading.


  1. That band-aid sticker auto is probably the best thing I've seen on a card blog in a while. Gotta love the creativity!

  2. That's great stuff! The Ciccone auto is amazing!