Tuesday, December 22, 2015

LCS Champion Sports Cards - Black Friday Ode to Chief Noc-A-Homa

Was up in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and was out black Friday shopping with the family when I realized I was across the street from a LCS that Tony L. had mentioned to me earlier so I dragged the wife and kids inside to check it out. Love that hot dog oddball Bobby.

Here's the shop info if your ever in the Marietta/ Kennesaw area.

Another hot dog oddball of the Braves mascot of my youth right after they got rid of the great Chief Noc-A-Homa and his teepee in the outfield.  This is my first mascot signed card.

I mean Rally was pretty cool I guess but he's no Chief...

“They were overly sensitive about being politically correct,” Walker said. “That’s one of the reasons why they took that job performance as a way of terminating me.”

A pretty good article on the chief if your interested - ESPN Article

Ok back to cards,  here's some cool Negro League stickers I found in a dime box from a Ted Williams set.

Picked up a couple of former Bolts in new uniforms since I didn't have any cards of these guys in their new homes. 

Begrudingly scooped up this Gator wearing a NFL uniform.

I'll probably never buy a box of stuff like this but for a dime they sure are cool looking cards.

I don't recognize most of the people in Golden Age,  these guys I do though.  

Mini shimmery goodness here. I'm currently working on trying to get Vegeta's hyperbolic training chamber to throw all these teenage Braves in. 

No way that's the same photo right? Yeah definitely the same photo or Max Fried repeats his delivery really well. 

Ok Bowman you made up for with this die cut from this years Chrome. Teheran is the ace now.

Last card here, more Chrome. I wish I had more time to peruse the store but had the family with me and never made it back during my trip. Thanks for the tip Tony


  1. Did you pick up anything to trade for the Castilla auto?

    1. Not yet man I'm keeping an eye out for something cool to send your way

  2. I honestly think Fried just repeats his delivery really well - his head position and the direction his eyes are looking are slightly different in each.

    1. Yeah your right but it's not like it would be the first time they used the same photo. Fried still hasn't thrown a pitch in the Braves org. Came over hurt and just started pitching recently

  3. Fried was a good get by the Braves. Left Handers that are 6'5 don't grow on trees.