Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bob Walks the Plank - Christmas Edition

Me and Matt have a back and forth blind trade going on and he recently emailed me to let me know he had some stuff to send me. Well on Christmas Eve a package from West Virginia showed up and it was like an early Christmas present to me: 

2015 Five Star Gold Freddie Freeman auto #'d 31/50.... wow is all I can say. This is only my second Freeman auto so thanks a ton Matt

The super premium autos didn't stop there though folks, he also sent my first Immaculate card of anybody with this Glenn Hubbard #'d 43/99. My first auto of his so this one was much appreciated as well. 

You thought right my friend.

Those Five Stars are thick, that's 8 Andruw Jones base cards stacked up next to it. Thanks again for the package Matt, I'll try to put something together to send your way to pay you back.

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