Sunday, December 13, 2015

Vintage Haul from the Flea Market

Went to my local flea market yesterday and found a new vendor with loads of awesome vintage. Didn't have much cash in my wallet but I feel I made the most of it.  Let's see what I got. 

Picked up this '60 Mathews for cheap,  this is a card I never thought I would have and am very happy I found it. It's in pretty good shape, Beckett grading is coming to the card show next weekend and I may submit this one. 

I grabbed a bunch of '73 Braves for my team set and asked the guy if he had this card in his non common boxes. He pulled it out and when I asked him how much he said "you can have it". It does have a crease running down the middle but again this was a huge addition to my collection and will go in the binders with my close to completed '73 team set.

Along with this fella which ran me a whole $1.25. If you need commons for your team sets from these years let me know as I'll definitely be going back to my new favorite vendor. 

Everybody on the cardsphere has been posting vintage Bowman so I finally braved the boxes and pulled this beauty out for a couple bucks. 

The back has a small stain but that's ok with me,  I now have a '52 Bowman! Take that 2015 Bowman Draft!

Continuing with new items to my collection. I had no '65 Braves before today but at 75 cents a common I asdsd added these 4 to start off the team set.

Grabbed a box full of Commons for 10 cents a piece. Mostly Braves team set needs but grabbed a few stars out of the binders including this Dock, Vida Blue, my first Bill "Spaceman" Lee card and others from '73, '75 and '76 Topps. I got all of the above cards except the Mathews for 10 bucks. I could've stopped there but I'm glad I didn't as the other card vendor there had that Mathews along with these..

'64 Mathews

'69 Niekro

'70 Niekro

'58 Bob Hazle

'53 Eba St. Claire, my first of this set. 

'52 Vern Bickford my first '52 Topps of anybody. It felt good to knock some of the huge names off my team set lists for my Braves Topps Team set project. All told it was a good day at the flea market. Thanks for reading. 


  1. Congrats on the big pickups! You hit the cardboard jackpot at that flea market.

  2. Great additions to your collection at great prices! Love cheap, well loved vintage cards!

  3. Wish I could find great stuff like that at my local flea market. Great haul!

  4. Sweet stuff you found! I love the '53's and am still waiting to get my first '52. Congrats!

  5. nice stuff! I collect old Phillies Team sets, very fun to do! Good luck on tracking down some of those Hank Aaron's!

  6. Flea markets are often the best places to go for cardboard diamonds in the rough. Doesn't get much better than a free Hank Aaron, does it? And that '69 Phil Niekro is one of my favorite vintage cards for reasons I can't quite explain. Great haul!

  7. It has been weird timing for all the Bowman posts. I rarely buy vintage and have shown off a couple in the past month. Congrats on the great haul!