Friday, December 4, 2015

Zistle - I Have One Now Help Me (please)

So I finally succombed to the appeal of zistle after my last sorting and realizing I've bought way too many doubles lately. I figured if I started one and am debating whether or not I have card A or not I could just check my trusty Zistle (found here - and save myself some money for what else, more cards I NEED.

This isn't a double. But I plan on adding my PCs like Sutton here. Also I suck at making want lists so I figured this would help me with that to an extent. 

My question for you veteran Zistlers out there is there an easy way to eliminate parallels when trying to add cards to your collection? Adding this Heritage High Numbers team set was a pain in the ass to add because every card has 5 printing plates listed with it. Quit rubbing it in Zistle I don't have any plates.

This should be fun. 

There is probably a really easy fix to all this and your probably looking at me like Rico here but this is about saving money people. You know what they say Mo' Money Mo' Cardboard.

I'll try and start early in time so I quit buying double 75's of Braves I've never heard of...

Or just add oddballs I don't have like this...

and this...

Ooh and this one. 

Oh god what have I done? 

Anyways my Zistle name is - jonesbwp so if your on there let's be friends! 


  1. Found that you can add a set at a time if you look under Main Set. It eliminates all the high end stuff. (You do have to search for the paralells (Pink, camo, purple polka dots (wait is that one), ,etc).

    I use Zistle regularly too, but still accumulate way too many doubles.

  2. I have all my Browns checked off on the Trading Card Database, and often refer to there when I go to make purchases. You can click on what you want to keep on your wantlist or not, but what I wind up doing for single cards is usually just go in and look at the individual card in the set to see if I have it or not. It has saved me buying many doubles - although I still wind up buying a few that I'm too lazy to look up!

    I've also scanned the most Browns on the site. If you search by team you can click on the Contributors list, and my handle there is armac.

  3. John is right that using the "Main Set" filter on any set will just show you the base cards. It's always at the very top of the list before all the inserts and parallels. Because I'm a relatively fast typer I almost always just search for the cards I want to add. For your example, I'd go into Collection, leave the filter on All Cards, and just search 2015 Heritage High Main Set Braves. Bam, right there in two seconds you'll have the entire Braves team set on your screen and can add in the ones you have with just a click.

    Hit me up with an email if you have any specific Zistle questions, been with them since they launched and I think it's the best hobby site going, especially for free!

    1. Yeah you were my inspiration to start one. Will do

  4. Zistle is wonderful. If you're adding sets, it is extremely easy to work with. When you're adding just Braves cards, it can get a bit trickier. The best way that I've found is to type "Braves" in the search bar and then play with the dropdowns based on what set you're looking at. So if you're doing 2015 Topps Chrome, you select 2015, Topps Chrome, and then Main Set. This instantly gives you a list of the four Braves in the set so you check off the ones you have and add the ones you don't to your wantlist.

    Alternatively, if you're working with parallels, just search the card number and use the dropdowns for the set only. This should give you all of the set's parallels.

    The system is definitely geared a bit more towards set collectors though, I'll give you that.

    1. The magical main set button is what I was looking for. Thanks Matt!

  5. I tried Zistle for my set checklists but found it was very time consuming and I have way too many cards to go through and find each one in the database. I liked the features though, but personally I like to have my set checklists printed out or uploaded to Google Drive as a PDF.