Thursday, December 17, 2015

JayBarker Claus Delivers Christmas Early

The one and only Jaybarker Fan posted about a Holiday Giveaway a couple weeks back. He asked you to send him an email with your address and he'd send cards of your favorite team. Sounds alot like Santa Claus to me. 

Maybe I should've wrapped this package up  ans stuck it under the tree because it was chock full of goodies like this mini framed relic of Brian McCann. These A&G frame jobs are the best looking relics out there if you ask me. 

To quote Yankees radio man John Sterling "Oh McCann can, McCann can!" This Bowman X-Fractor is serial numbered /250 and glorious. 

Gotta love ridiculous homer calls,  almost as good as The Hawk

This package is trying to blind me, are you an eye doctor Wes? Refractors which will go into my Chrome parallel frankenset binder. 

X-Fractors too, though the Julio's will go to his PC pages. 

Cracked Ice Kimbrel, gonna be weird to see Killa Craig suiting up for the BoSox next year.

Cracked Ice cards look super cool if you hit them with the light the right way. Hopefully Freeman can rebound from his nagging wrist injury from last year and make the All Star game this year. 

Refractor /299, I think the Braves are finally back to even on the trade scales after the Teixeira trade wiped out the farm system for years it appears they've made up for it with the Shelby Miller trade.

The hits keep coming with this Mirror Red bat relic of Adam Laroche /250

Love this shot /50, Furcal was the perfect shortstop. A good glove, some pop, got on base and had speed. 


Short printed Heritage of the Braves ace.

More serial numbered cards - the blue /500 the orange /250

Closing this one out with a relic of "Future Gem" Dan Meyer. I don't remember Meyer but now I have a piece of his jersey (or pants) to remember him by. Thanks for all the great cards Wes and Merry Christmas!


  1. Wes is a lot of fun to trade with. I don't think I'd ever want to engage in another epic war with him as I did earlier this year, but he sends some fantastic cards and items out.

  2. Wow, what a haul! That Furcal card should be framed and hung in a gallery.