Saturday, December 12, 2015

LCS Pickups - Victory Mixer

Popped in the ol' LCS to see if they had the new Bowman Draft on shelves but alas no such luck so I went to digging for singles.

I came away with my first 2015 High Tek card of none other that Chipper. These are pretty nice, acetate, shiny they check all the boxes but the stats on the back are tiny.

Also picked up this Bowman Chrome Auto of newly acquired Chris Ellis who came over in the Andrelton Simmons trade. I am signed up for a Bowman Draft box break for the Braves but wish I had signed up for the Diamondbacks too.. Oh well.

This was me when I picked up the last 2 Lightning cards from the new Upper Deck S1 set

After a PWE from Jeff 2x3 last week I only needed Johnson and Killorn to complete the team set. I also picked up some others for you fellow hockey collectors I trade with so look out for those.

I also picked up some baseball cards of actual players still on the Braves roster! A couple of parallels of Teheran and Wisler. The 2015 is one of those rainbow foil shiny doo-hickeys.

Even though i'm down on my team right now I still picked up some football cards, including this awesome acetate card of rookie running back Tevin Coleman. I had picked up one of these of Kevin White for Bob Walks earlier and was jealous because it is a really sweet card. Glad to have my own now, at least cardboard Tevin can't fumble in the redzone!

So in the past 2 weeks i've watched 4 games, all big ones, all losses. Gators on the left, Falcons on the right please. Neither one of these guys were to blame.. but man is it hard to watch Treon Harris and Matt Ryan right now. 

Sucks that Dante got hurt before training camp even started. Vic on the other hand has played every game and hasn't shown much in his rookie year.

Shiny complaining WRs here, hopefully Cam Newton doesn't embarsass Atlanta too badly tomorrow but that's why they play the games right? Right?


  1. That Brothers in Arms card is pretty cool - I don't really do football anymore (other than Barry Sanders) but there are some good ones now and then..

  2. I still don't know the the Dbacks were thinking.