Saturday, December 5, 2015

Let's Make A Deal I

  The Braves have made a lot of trades over the last 12+ months. Since firing Frank Wren and having John Hart take over the front office with assistant and now GM John Coppolella they've completely flipped the roster. As a fan this has been tough seeing homegrown guys like Jason Heyward, Craig Kimbrel, Evan Gattis and now Andrelton Simmons traded away most recently. As a collector however it's been pretty fun constantly having new guys to collect/chase.

 Sean Newcomb was the 15th overall selection in the 2014 draft and instantly became the Braves number one prospect once we acquired him. A college pitcher out of Hartford the kid is a big lefty with a plus fastball with sinking action and a curve and slider in his repertoire as well. He has been compared to Jon Lester as his ceiling and Scott Kazmir as his floor and his stat line of 2.38 ERA in 27 starts over 3 levels in 2015 reflects that. I've read he has troubles with walking batters but he also struck out 168 batters over 136 innings with 76 walks. He reached AA late in the season last year and should start this year at AAA Gwinnett with a call up possible but I doubt it comes before September unless he absolutely blows the competition away in AAA.  


Here's looking at you kid, you only cost us the best defensive player in the game... and a minor league catcher Jose Briceno (farewell Jose!)

 The Angels also sent over Erick Aybar (I don't have any of his cards but I think you all know who he is and what he is as a player) and another pitching prospect in the deal.

 Chris Ellis is another college pitcher selected in the 2014 Draft in the 3rd round out of Ole Miss. Ellis is another big kid with a solid fastball and 2 offspeed offerings in a curve and changeup. He is currently a starter but the jury is still out on if he ends up in the bullpen, in 2015 he had a 3.90 ERA over 140.2 innings in high A and AA. I could see him starting in AA Mississippi for the time being with the Braves system being so clogged with young pitching prospects.

Eight days later the Braves traded another starter from the 2015 season away in Cameron Maybin for you guessed it.. more pitching. 

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Well this trade was more of a money dump/too many outfielders trade because while I understand the upside in the Simmons trade I don't really see what the Braves see in Krol besides the fact he throws left handed. He has career 4.91 ERA over 88 IP in 3 years out of the bullpen. We need a left hander that can get outs so good luck Ian.

Another lefty bullpen type, Gabe Speier was drafted by the Red Sox in 2013 and at 20 years old just finished his first season in A ball last season for the Tigers.  

Hey look Maybin is going back home and Mr. Krol doesn't look too odd in the curly A hat. Anyways thanks for reading my caveman like prospect evaluations and like it or not I'm probably going to break down all the trades the new Braves regime has made until they start winning games. 


  1. I mean... you'll get zero complaints from me. :D You should give yourself some sort of stretch goal with these prospects/new Braves revolving around cards. You could do an ongoing series on it.

    1. Glad you liked it. I was planning on doing that with the other trades as well, try and stretch my wings as a writer some.