Thursday, December 10, 2015

Brad's Cards - On the Move

Brad's Blog had a moving fire sale and was giving cards away by the boatload as seen elsewhere on the cardsphere. Of course i'm never one to turn down Braves cards so I signed up and got my package sometime last week. 

There were tons of cards inside including this '63 Lou Johnson. I have only 2 or 3 other '63s so this one was definitely my favorite. To be honest I didn't know much about Mr. Johnson so of course I went to trusty dusty google and now I NEED one of these... James T. Elder Postcards 

Ok sorry for that tangent.. also inside were more modern cards such as this ridiculously shiny Huddy. The Auburn man and Georgia native called it a career after the 2015 season, farewell Huddy! 


Brad sent not one but 2 of these shiny beauties of Hammerin' Hank. I had the Spahn and Smoltz from this subset but not these, thanks man!

I need to make a custom of this.

More shiny with this 1995 Score parallel..

This Futuristics Bruce Chen..

And this first class photograph of a really nice looking Fred McGriff card.

Closing out the shiny with this gang of X-Fractors from 2012 Topps Chrome

More awesomenes with this bat relic of Rafael Furcal.

Some sweet 90's inserts

I never saw a Chipper I didn't like.

The guy on the left is about to get PAIIIIDDDD the guy on the right is one of only 2 members of that 2011 team.

Thanks for all the awesome cards Brad, I've already got some cards set aside to send back your way just need to put the finishing touches to make it a proper Moving In Package.


  1. Lots of odd reports about Heyward yesterday. First it was released that he wasn't looking for the 10 year mega deal, but in the evening it was reported that he has a 200 mil offer in hand. Maybe he just doesn't want the stress of a 10 year deal. He is so young he may be one of the first guys to actually have value throughout the deal.

    1. Yeah I mean it worked out in the end with the Swanson deal but I'm sure the Braves wish they had Kris Bryant'd him now. Y'all in on Loney? Would be good segway/platoon with J Bell