Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trade - Off Hiatus

I think that's right,  this is my third package from everyone's favorite lawyer/Brewers collector Tony L. of Off Hiatus fame.

You can always count on a few oddballs when getting cards from the Vandy Boy, this '81 Gary Matthews is no exception. I actually found one of these of Vida Blue as a Giant at my last card show but like this one even better as it portrays a Braves player.

Always nice to get some vintage in a trade package, this Nottebart is one of (4) 1960's I had but is an upgrade condition wise so bonus. I finally have a want list up in the top bar if you are interested in setting up a trade I have mostly vintage listed but am open to all comers!

These guys got checked off the list, I get the appeal of this whole want list thing now it feels good to cross cards off and put them home in a binder. McLaughlin sees your 70s hair and raises you a mustache Messersmith.

A trio of Matthews to go with their odd shaped friend above. These were all needed, thanks Tony!

Sorry I had to zoom in on that face.

Stickers are always welcome around here. 

Team cards too!

Even better with a pair of hall of famers front and center.

A couple Big Mac's I didn't have. I still miss you B-Mac and so do the Braves, they still haven't figured out a replacement for you 3 years later.

Closing this one out with another not so old favorite, Kris got lucky and won a ring with Ben Zobrist and Co. in Kansas City last year. Hope to see him starting again one day but I doubt it with that small frame and double Tommy Johns.

As always thanks for all the great cards Tony and hopefully you like my return package, I've got something I think you'll really like.


  1. I'm glad you got the cards I sent and that you needed a few of them. I'm even happier that you have a want list now!

    1. still working on it but it's something!

    2. Let me know as you get them up. I can usually find pretty good deals on vintage cards at the shows here -- especially since it's Atlanta and people always bring Braves cards to the show.

  2. Opened a 2015 topps archives signature series and pulled a 2003 topps 206 Vinny Castilla(as a Brave) auto 16/29 if you have any interest?

  3. That Tony always sends a well rounded package.