Monday, December 7, 2015

2x3 PWE Club Dividends

Got back from my annual Thanksgiving trip to Atlanta last Tuesday night to a stuffed mailbox. Amongst the junk mail and bills there were 4 trade packages, including this awesome PWE from Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes. I also got packages from Brad, Tony and P-Town Tom.

Jeff really knows how to get the most out of 1 ounce of cardboard. This All-Star Stitches card of Smoltzy is awesome and is my 2nd relic of my favorite pitcher of the Big 3 from the 90's. If you didn't hear his HOF speech from last year check it out , he makes some really awesome points about young pitchers and Tommy John being the first TJ patient to reach the hall. 

Another sweet card of the Hall of Famer this one a die cut and a black parallel of Tommy Hanson. Big Red looked like the Braves ace of the future just four years ago and now he's gone,  crazy how life works. RIP Tommy.

My mailbox has been a Lecavalier hot box lately. Douglas just sent me an auto and now this beauty from Artifacts #'d/150. Thanks for this one Jeff 

More Artifacts, which might be my favorite hockey set. Like the hockey version of Museum Collection.  Hey MLB let Upper Deck do baseball cards again you idiots. 

Finally Jeff knocked off all but 2 of the team set from the new Upper Deck Series 1 cards. Love how almost all the photos are from the Stanley Cup,  nice touch Upper Deck your the best.

This one's my favorite, the pursuit, the puck, the patch. This one's got it all. Thanks for all the great cards Jeff. 


  1. Smoltz is one of my favorite guys to listen to on the MLB network. He is very articulate and has great stories.

  2. Those Artifacts cards are very nice!

  3. That Drouin card is a beautiful piece of photography. I have a hard time following the puck on a TV; I can't imagine what it's like trying to track in with a camera!