Saturday, December 5, 2015

Football Sunday - Recent pickups

NFL Sunday and i've got to work... oh well it could be worse right? I should still be able to catch the first quarter and listen to the rest so no complaints here. Let's check out some football cards i've picked up recently from a variety of locations.

Saw this card on and realized I had no cards of Deion as a Raven so I rectified that problem and now I do. The Ravens sucked this year even before Flacco went down for the year, crazy that they beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl 3 years ago and now both teams are in total disarray.

2015 Topps Take it to the House on the left, 2015 Valor on the right.

A Bucs card?! We picked up Clayborn in free agency this year, he only has 2 sacks to go with 11 tackles thus far. I'm sure he's on the edge of his seat right now watching this Big 10 Championship game as the Hawks and Spartans are tied with 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter. Another COMC pickup I think this one ran me a buck or so and I am a sucker for the Bucs old uniforms.

Another Big 10 guy out of Minnesota, I picked up his rookie auto from last year in the same COMC order. He has 1 sack so far but has played well overall and is looking like he will be a player in Dan Quinn's defense going into the future.

Not sure what I think of 2015 Finest but here they are.

Shiny enough just kind of a odd looking border. The parallels in this set are all pretty good looking i'll have to track some down.

Picked up the rest of the Falcons team set from the new Valor product. Hopefully the Falcons finally turn it around tomorrow here in Tampa, I was planning on going to the game but I have to work unfortunately. 

At least I got to the game in the Dome last week, here's my seat 4 rows up in the upper level for $17 not bad. Too bad we lost... again.

Anyways here's a sweet POTD card from Panini I picked up of Jake Matthews recently. 

Speaking of Matthews, the only way to score a first round pick auto for cheap is if they're a offensive lineman.

Devonta is returning from a concussion for the game so that could be huge.

Ricardo Allen has probably been the surprise of 2015 for the Falcons. He has 3 interceptions, 37 tackles and a sack. Last year he didn't even make the team coming out of training camp on the practice squad all year after being drafted in the 5th round. He's now the starting Free Safety and has been very good, glad to add my first card of his.

Well i'm not delusional so i'm not surprised the Gators just got beat down by Alabama but the defense looked good as usual and I'm excited for the future of this team again. Here's some former Gators - Jordan Reed is the Redskins starting TE. Matt Elam is a SS for the above mentioned Ravens.

After being drafted at the end of the 1st round in 2013, he hasn't lived up to expectations. Unfortunately he tore his biceps before the season started and will miss the whole 2015 season. This was another cheap COMC pickup. Gotta love that site. Anyways best of luck to your NFL teams tomorrow unless you root for the Bucs!

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