Sunday, December 27, 2015

Contenders Blaster - Christmas Edition

Got a gift card to Target from my Mom for Christmas and I swear I looked at clothes and household goods, but I ended up buying an AMC gift card and this blaster:

Retail is crack I tell you, plus TWO autographs! Ok let's see what's inside.

This was the only "Game Day" insert and my first time seeing this one. Happ was drafted by the Cubbies in the 1st round of last year's draft.

Drafted in the 4th round by Oakland Skye Bolt here has the best name in the box.

A.J. Reed, David Thompson, and Casey Hughston make up this trio of impossible to read nameplates. The Braves need to hurry up and find a way to trade for A.J. Reed. Thompson was drafted by the Mets and Hughston by the Pirates.

I actually caught this one just right. Rangers, Mariners and Indians draft picks from 2015 in order.

Here's the autos, undrafted Jairo Labourt gets some love here. Makes me hungry for a gyro though.

Carlos Vargas just signed with Seattle as an international prospect. Nice signature kid.

Ok these didn't come from this blaster but they fit in with this post so here's some Dansby cards I got in the mail the other day. 

USA! USA! I heard that Seager kid might be pretty good guys. Matt Chapman and Mikey White were both drafted by the A's.

This might be my favorite card out of the box, cool to see Elway in his college uni. I don't collect this Bronco though so I think it will find a new home.

Hey these guys were pretty good. Love that Biggio photo.

Trea Turner is the top 'spect for my least favorite team the Washington Senators Minnesota Twins Texas Rangers Nationals. Maybe they can keep the team this time around. Dozier was drafted in the first round by Kansas City all the way back in 2013. I think they're doing okay without him so far.

One of my favorite inserts, 2 NL Central Shortstops of the future here with a Card and a Brewer.

Giants first round pick Chris Shaw on the left there came out a little blurry. Angels first rounder Taylor Ward not too bad. Sorry I need to get a scanner to make this blog look more professional. 

8 Cody Poteet - UCLA Bruins - Marlins
Kevin Kramer - UCLA Bruins - Pirates

5 Carson Fulmer - Vanderbilt Commodores - White Sox
Walker Buehler - Vanderbilt Commodores - Dodgers 

Sucks that Waker Buehler already has to have TJS after just being drafted in June by L.A. LINK

I wanna talk to Sampson! Not one single Braves player or Dansby card out of the 42 cards in my box luckily I had ordered this one plus the 2 above from Sportlots a week or so ago.

Ok almost done here. A bunch of big names with Nola already having debuted for the Phillies. Tyler Naquin hit .300/.381/.446/.828 across AA/AAA last year and was drafted in the first round in 2012, have to think he debuts soon for Cleveland. Tyler Jay was the Twins first round pick in the 2015 Draft. 

OK that's it, here's the rest of the base cards I pulled if your interested in any of these guys let me know. I know I learned a new name or 2 and got some trade bait to boot so not a bad box. Thanks for reading.


  1. The Elway and Turner cards are awesome. Still haven't been able to find a blaster of this stuff for myself. After seeing your break, I'm definitely gonna keep trying!

  2. Not usually into college-based sets, but I really like the look of these. I am interested in the Happ's and Big Hurt if any of them are still available.

  3. The Clemens, Thomas, and Biggio cards are awesome!! I always wonder where they dig those pictures up from.

  4. Very, very nice stuff! Contenders is definitely in my top five favorite offerings of 2015 and I'm definitely going to try to find some more of it.