Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Card from Angus

Got a Christmas card from Angus over at Dawg Day Cards the other day and there were some great cards inside as well.

He told me had the base cards from Tim Horton's newest hockey release and I was excited about that. He included both Stamkos inserts from the set which was awesome. Thanks a bunch Angus.

Here's the other insert and I didn't even have to go all the way to Canada for a coffee and a donut.

Here's the base cards which are super nice, shiny and the waves behind the players are slightly raised to make these cards really pop. 

Also in the package were a few Falcons. Julio and Co. are playing like shit lately and are getting blown out 38-0 in Charlotte as I type this. Oh well it was fun being 5-0. 2016 here we come...

That's not to say these cards are unappreciated. That Alfred Jackson is a stamped buyback, my first football buyback. The Scott Case is a mini sticker.

The largest card in the package is one I'd never seen from McDonald's of Gerald Riggs. Thanks for all the great cards Angus I sent you a return package the other day. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas! 


  1. Just so you're aware the Scott Case is a Panini UK sticker, not the regular one.

    Glad you enjoyed the cards, and I have a bunch of other stuff for you that I really couldn't fit in a card. Expect more in the new year.

    1. Awesome I didn't realize that though I did notice it was "Made in Italy"