Saturday, December 19, 2015

At Last - 2015 Bowman Draft

Finally snagged a jumbo pack of the new Bowman Draft. Let's rip 'er open!

Well my 1 year old son is ripping it open.. if the pictures are subpar blame me babysitting..

Blue refractor of Atlanta boy Austin Meadows was the best card in the pack #'d /150 I'm tempted to keep it but it probably ends up in WV.

Sky Blue refractor of a D-Back, any takers I'll trade this one. I pulled zero Braves of course

Here's a Chrome base card which will head to Kitchener eventually. 

Here's the rest of the Chrome, let me know if you need any of these.

The paper base,  yeah they're the same as regular Bowman but I'm showing them off like there not... sue me.

Here's the 3 first rounders I pulled. The Vandy machine chugs along.

Minus 8 cards I pulled for frequent trade partners here's the rest of the base cards I pulled all available for trade. 

Ok keeping it short and sweet having a Christmas get together with some friends tonight. MERRY CHRISTMAS