Monday, December 7, 2015

Don't Trade Them - Winter Meetings 2015

So they just started but the Winter meetings are already heating up. Chapman, Zobrist, Cespedes, Cueto.. on the move or about to sign. A bunch of all stars changing cities. Exciting stuff unless your a Braves fan.

This is a letter to Coppy aka John Coppallela in regards to the Winter Meetings going on right now in Nashville. 

Dear Coppy, 

Don't trade these guys. I know we're stocked with young pitching but these 2 guys need to be our young aces going down the road not trade chips for more prospects.  Unless your getting AJ Pollock, which ain't happening don't give me that upside crap and for the love of god don't trade them for MORE arms. I believe in you and the front offices plan to rebuild but these guys should be a part of that.

A Braves Fan

Flip them prospects bro!


  1. It is hard call for a team like the Braves. They are most likely not going to be contenders until they move into the new stadium. I think you have to listen on Miller, but you would be selling way too low on Teheran. Julio is signed through 2020 anyway so plenty of time for him to regain value.

    Miller is an interesting case. He obviously had a pretty good year, but he is going to get expensive fast. during arbitration. The projection systems don't really like him either as they seem him more as a middle of a rotation type of pitcher rather than an ace.

    1. Yeah I know they probably won't be any good next year but if they trade Shelby we're looking at 40 wins. Nobodies coming to your stadium the year after the worst season in franchise history. I have said before I'm a spoiled fan who got to see 4 hall of famers daily led by a HOF manager. Just having a hard time adjusting to being a fan of a bad team I guess.. if they do trade Shelby the return better be real good considering the market for SP right now.

    2. I get what the Braves are doing. They are going the way of the Astros with the complete gutting. With the amount of high draft picks they are getting you have to assume they will hit on something.

      It is tough as a fan because as soon as you get acclimated to a player he is gone. Believe me I went through about 5 rebuilds until this latest regime got it right. The Pirates for the longest time would do a half rebuild and we get stuck on 65-70 wins. Thankfully this new regime just completely gutted everything. It was hard saying goodbye to fan favorites like Jason bay, Freddy sanchez and Jack Wilson, but it had to be done. Our rebuild took a little longer as we didn't have as many good players as the Braves so we didn't have much to trade away. Plus our best asset was Jason Bay and the package we got for him completely bombed.

    3. Yeah they did it at the right time with Heyward and Upton's contracts being up. Wonder where those 2 end up seems all the talk has been about pitchers so far.

      Miller, Wisler, Fried, Jenkins all were acquired in just those 2 trades so they seem to be doing a pretty good job at stock piling high upside arms but I am waiting on the bats to accumulate as all our hitters in the minors are 18 or 19. (Austin Riley, Braxton Davidson, Ozhaino Albies)

  2. As a fan of a team that underwent a lengthy tear-down and rebuild, I can most assuredly say it sucks in the short-term. Here's hoping that there's not only a light and the end of the tunnel, but that's its quite luminous and closer than it appears!

    1. If our rebuild goes anything like the Cubs I will be very happy. Gonna be tough to draft a Kris Bryant and Schwarber though...