Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let's Make A Deal III

Well I started to write a series on the Braves rash of trades over the last 12+ months back in December but didn't follow thru with it only getting to the Andrelton Simmons/Sean Newcomb Deal and the Shelby Miller/Dansby deal.

Well I'm back, continuing on backwards from the Newcomb deal. On August 7th in a rare move they traded one overpaid old dude...

For TWO overpaid old dudes! YES!

Well at least I get to show off this super patriotic Michael Bourn card from his original stay in Atlanta.

OK so the whole point of this thing is to cover the Braves rebuild and what good would that be without some prospect action? On July 30th I was in a movie and felt my phone vibrate a bunch of times, I have my phone set to only vibrate when I receive a Twitter notification so I got nervous/excited but waited until after the movie was over like a good boy to check it. Well I'm glad I did because the news that broke during the movie ruined my night..

The Braves traded their 2nd best starter Alex Wood and their Number one prospect at the time Jose Peraza to the Dodgers for a 30 year old prospect named Hector Olivera and others....

It was a pretty complicated 3 team deal with lots of parts moving around but that was the gist of it, here I'll let Baseball Reference explain it better -

As part of a 3-team trade, traded Bronson ArroyoLuis AvilanJim JohnsonJose Peraza and Alex Wood to the Los Angeles Dodgers. ReceivedZachary Bird (minors), Hector Olivera and Paco Rodriguez from the Los Angeles Dodgers and 2016 competitive balance round A pick from the Miami Marlins. In addition, the Los Angeles Dodgers sent Victor Araujo (minors), Jeff Brigham (minors) and Kevin Guzman (minors) to the Miami Marlins; and the Miami Marlins sent Mat Latos and Mike Morse to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
-BBref Link

The man who "played" for 3 teams in 2015 yet suited up for none.

This Zach Bird kid looks like he could have some upside (plus a cool signature, check the birds) but I don't know if I'll ever understand sending a number 2 or 3 starter and a top prospect for a 30 year old project.

In a shocking development Paco had to have Tommy John surgery not long after the deal. Should be a decent lefty reliever when he makes it back though. 

 Good luck in LA Alex. Oh well, I'll continue to follow the team and churn out these trade recaps. Thanks for reading. 


  1. Interesting take. I actually think that the biggest thing we lost in this trade was our relief depth. Probably only two to three years ago we had indisputably the best relief pitching in baseball. Even when we traded away Kimbrel we still had an above average late inning staff. Now it's completely shot to pieces. I enjoyed watching Olivera's crazy swing the last few week of the season this past year. Who knows... maybe he'll actually be worth it.

  2. Peraza was shipped to the Reds as a part of the Todd Frazier deal. Not sure where he's going to play since Phillips won't waive his no-trade rights.