Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Spring Training Countdown plus a 150th post Contest

21 Days til Pitchers and Catchers report guys! I repeat twenty one days,  that's only 3 weeks until the greatest game is back. 

Never done one of these before but before I posted this I realized it was my 150th post here. So I figured why not do a contest? 

Be the first person to name the last player to wear the number 21 before Warren Spahn and you win

What do you win?  Oh yeah, I'll send you something nice for your collection from the next card show or flea market I go to.

2nd prize?  Just comment the final score of the Super Bowl and whoever is closest will win something too. Probably something cardboard but if you make it to Florida during Spring I'll buy you a ticket to a game! Pimp this contest for an extra entry,  i'll randomize the Monday after the big game. 


  1. Final score will be Panthers 42, Broncos 21

    I'll leave the other one to someone else, since I had to look it up and I'd never heard of the guy.

  2. Same as Wilson. So many players in baseball I've never heard of before.
    Panthers 37, Broncos 3. I don't think it will be much of a game.
    Congrats on the 150th post!

  3. I had never heard of him either, so don't feel bad.

  4. Thanks for the contest ... Panthers 27 Broncos 12

  5. Ooh a contest! I'll go for the underdog.. Broncos 21, Panthers 13

  6. I love the Peyton meme! Let me lay my entries on you. Was it Al Javery thatlast wore number 21? Also, the final score looks like this: Denver 23, Carolina 20 in a game dominated by defense! I'll be sure to pimp the contest during my next post too. Thanks and congrats on hitting post 150, keep up the great work!

    1. Winner, winner hopefully that's a good sign that you guys win.

  7. Congrats on your 150th post! Carolina 20, Denver 16.

  8. Congrats buddy! How about Denver 21 Carolina 17

  9. Nice perseverance. I'll guess Broncos 21, Panthers 19

  10. Ooh, did I win? Just 6 combined points off.