Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Turner Wroster Jenga PWE - A Trade Post

New trade partner!  I sent Tony Burbs from Wrigley Roster Jenga some extra J-Hey cards to congratulate him on his Cubs winning the Jason Heyward sweepstakes. I got his return package last Friday...

There were a bunch of cool cards in the PWE, how can you go wrong with a black and white photo of the late great Eddie Mathews. 

This Spahn '51 rehash makes me realize I need to put the original on my cardboard bucket list. One day Spahny, one day. 

I've passed a few of these Power Players cards onto other bloggers but this is the first Bravo I've come across, even if he is a much richer man 2 teams removed in Detroit now. Enjoy the hot streaks Julie (prepare for equally maddening cold streaks)

One of my favorite parts of Tony's blog is the mass amount of minor league issues he's constantly showing off as part of his ATCR project. He shared the love with these 3 and they were all new to me!

Tony must read my blog, he knows a good base for a trade package is by keeping up with the Joneses'. Both new additions to the PCs.

Oddballs are another frequent subject over at WRJ and these 2 are pretty cool. I have too many of those Showdown cards but this one was a newbie.

Closing it out with a base card? Well yeah it was the only one in the package but it was off my want list!  Thanks for checking that Tony and thanks for all the other great cards, this was our first trade but I'm sure it won't be our last. 

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! You're quite right about this not being the last trade between us as well.