Saturday, January 30, 2016

LCS Trip plus Mailbag - Extra Edition

Knew I was going to be too busy this weekend for a Flea market trip so I hit the LCS in town last night looking for Stadium Club set help.

No such luck there but the owner had just busted a couple boxes of Elite Extra Edition so I dug into the scraps. Pulled this Dansby insert plus a ton of base for 5/$1.

Expect unsolicited prospects in your mailbox if we trade frequently. 

Grabbed a couple of Braves with this Ozzie who's signing at FanFest at Turner Field right now. Wish I could've made it but they're coming to me in a couple weeks so I'll live. 

My first card of 17 year old Christian Pache who signed out of the D.R. last year at 16 for $1.4 million. He's currently ranked as the #14 international prospect.

This was the best photo in the stack and of course I butchered the photo of the photo. 

Only got 2 cards in the mail this week that weren't a part of trade packages (got 4 of those). This purple refractor of Braxton Davidson is /250

Knocked 1 off my Stadium Club list with this cheap Ebay pickup. I'm not discriminating against gold parallels. Love these White Sox unis

Finally there's only 18 days til Pitchers and catchers report folks. As always thanks for stopping by and reading,  enjoy your weekend. 


  1. I second your sentiments on the White Sox uniform sported by Luis; I might be a fan of the other team in town, but that White Sox have had some cool/unique looking duds over the years.

  2. Part of me really wants to start a Dansby Swanson collection because of the Vanderbilt connection -- especially now that he's a Brave. Post-trade here, though, his cards JUMPED in price big time...

  3. the Taylor Ward shot is awesome. I have a great love for the catcher's position. I tend to collect some of the more incredible plays at the plate, no matter the team.