Saturday, January 23, 2016

Napalm In My Mailbox - A Trade Post

Received a monster trade package from Tim B of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning earlier this week and it was jam packed with great cards.


Showing a little Emotion here, love this set and it's super glossy and thick card stock, kind of reminds me of the stuff they printed this year's Stadium Club on. 

Another one of my favorite sets from the 90's, Metal Universe. This is the Platinum Edition from 1996, one of several awesome new Javy cards Tim sent over.

Speaking of Stadium Club here's a great shot of Andruw Jones rocketing one back in from center. The guy won 10 Gold Gloves in a row!

I am a well documented Upper Deck lover and had never seen one of these Upper Deck First Pitch cards, I'm guessing it was similar to Topps' Opening Day line as there is no foil like the base card from this year.

More Upper Deck that had escaped my clutches until now, these five put a good chunk in the team set i'm sure of '94 SPX

Early parallels, these are Rockies Inagrual year cards from '93 Topps.

Tim even threw in a couple of minis of Kenny Lofton and Craig Kimbrel.

More parallels, these from 2009 Topps. I really like these blacked out cards, reminds me I still need to pick up a couple of the Ginter X cards they put out last year. May end up tracking down this team set as well.

National Chicle! Love these art deco style cards and check out Eddie's sweet zip up jersey.

I guess I wasn't rich enough as a kid to buy SPX packs because these wood grain sparkly beauties were new to me and they came out in 1996... obligatory Chipper Jones card.

But wait there's more, these matte Fleer '96 cards are sweet. I actually nabbed most of the team set out of that nickel box at last weekend's card show but most of the ones Tim sent were ones I needed including these 2 Encore versions.

Love this one of Deion playing baseball at FSU, which I'll use to segway into some great Falcons cards Tim sent over as well.

Like this Electric parallel of Prime Time

Kinda sad when your 3rd best player is your kicker.. that said Morten for the Hall!

To peel or not to peel THAT is the question. Eric with 2 r's seems a little Rreduntant, no? Maybe it's Err-ic not Air-ic.

This T.J. Duckett relic and sweet Warrick Dunn die cut #'d/ 72 below take me back to the glory days when these 2 combined with Michael Vick gave the Falcons the most dangerous rushing game in the league for a short while. Oh the good times.

This card is a beauty, thanks Tim.

Though I guess I can't complain too much as we have the best receiver in the game now. He just capped off the 2nd most receptions and receiving yards in a season EVER. 136 catches, 1,871 yards not too bad kid, not too bad.

Closing this one out with a great shot of Gronk doing what he does best. His Patriots will head to Denver to play Tim's Broncos tomorrow, while I collect Gronk's cards I by no means root for the Patriots so GO BRONCOS!

Thanks for all the great cards Tim, I've already returned fire. If you haven't gotten my package already it should be there shortly.


  1. Kenny Lofton looks so weird in a Braves uniform - totally forgot that he played for them, ever so briefly. Of course, it seems like he got into a few games for almost every team.