Friday, January 29, 2016

Cards from Cards on Cards II - A Trade Post

Got home from work the other day in the pouring rain (yes rain, not snow) and found a surprise bubble mailer from Kerry of Cards on Cards all the way from rainy Portland.

Starting off with my first 2015 A&G relic of now free agent Mike Minor. Still think there's a chance the Braves bring him back if he gets close enough to Opening Day without signing on somewhere else. He made 5.6 million to not throw a single pitch last year so I don't feel too bad for the guy.

This Ace of Diamonds Smoltzy may be my favorite card in the package. Even has a old school card back - I searched google for "ace of diamonds John Smoltz" because the card is in the other room and found this....

Don't think Topps printed any of these bad boys up in '84, here's the link to a pretty cool article on John - SMOLTZ

Ok sorry for that but sometimes laziness pays off my friends.  Here's a cool fold out card of maybe the 2 best pitchers of the 90's that is pretty relevant all these years later. Greg Maddux and that other guy..

I'm on a hot streak on picking these cards up 1 at a time either at shows or through trades. Eddie looks pretty young there.

This Murph's frame is embossed and makes for a great looking/feeling card in hand.

Kerry sent a bunch of PC guys but this Deion was my favorite new addition being from one of my favorite sets ever.

Kerry sent new stuff too, a rainbox foil of EY Jr. and the last base card I needed from Topps '15. Just in time for Topps '16 in 5 days!!!

Love this green refractor of Justin the Tiger.

19 days til Baseball guys, my countdown lasted all of one day.. Kerry sent this and a bunch of other set help off my want list. 

Like a lot,  thanks a ton man!

Kelly's back for his third tour with the Braves, let's see where he went in between. 
8 teams in 6 years including his 2nd stint in Atlanta. Talk about a journeyman.

If everything goes to plan I should be here on April 9th taking in the Braves and Cardinals so here's to you Kerry, thanks for all the great cards.


  1. I've never seen that Fun Pack foldout card before, is that a part of a full set? Some really nice stuff to be found there - good thing the rain didn't cause any damage!

  2. great cards! Spring training cant start soon enough for me! I'm subscribing to MLB this year. I N-E-E-D more games on my TV. It just sits there, unused.

  3. Glad you liked the cards! I've been in purge mode lately and it was the Braves turn.