Monday, January 11, 2016

Bowman Draft Mega Mail Day + Free Jocs

Signed up for 2 different box breaks of Bowman Draft on Instagram,  in one I had Atlanta, Toronto, Tampa Bay & Milwaukee. In the other I just picked up the Braves. 

I didn't hit any autos or even a refractor so I guess this die cut was my hit of the 2 boxes. A cool card of 2 guys I collect.

I stopped by the post office on the way home from work and dropped off 5 PWEs and a bubble mailer to other bloggers so I guess getting home to a full mailbox was good cardboard karma.

I won't show every card but I got all the Braves base cards and 3 Chromes. I really like the look of the sky blue refractors this year and was hoping for one of those but such is life. 

Blake Snell was the main reason I signed up for the Rays. I'm a sucker for lefties and this kid vlew blew thru the minors last year and looks to be the real deal. May have to start a PC of the kid, my first Rays player collection if I decide to do so. 

The guy that did the breaks threw this auto of Shae Simmons in since I bought so many teams and didn't really hit anything, nice guy. 

This is my first auto of "Baby Kimbrel". Hopefully the young right hander recovers from TJ and comes back to help out the Atlanta bullpen next year. I actually caught his major league debut in 2014 down in Miami and he looked good. 

I grabbed this off eBay for six bucks after the breaks and it showed up today as well. The third of the Braves 3 first round picks this year, Soroka is a big Canadian 17 year old who impressed in the Minors last year. 

Won this guy for 99 cents, my fifth auto of Folty and my first relic of his #'d/99

This pair of Joc rookies were included with the Folty for some reason,  if any of you Dodger collectors need one or both just let me know. 

If not that's ok too, I kinda like the kid.

 Well that's all folks, there were 2 PWEs from bloggers in the picture above but I'll let them shine on their own in another post. Thanks for reading. 


  1. I've been trying to win some of the Pirate autos from Bowman, but keep striking out. They are not that expensive, but I just can't seem to win the eBay auction.

    I'm a non apologetic Diamond King fanboy. Love those cards.

    1. Yeah that DK is super nice, I think I was the only bidder on that one and I just won another one the same way. Riley and Allard are going for around $30 right now, I'll wait till they cool off before adding those 2.