Wednesday, January 27, 2016

30 Clubs In 67 Days

Sure every sports website in the world will be doing this concept over the next 2+ months, but what better way to get a feel for the upcoming season than by writing about every club in that span?

Maybe you'll read it maybe you won't but I'm going to write it damnit. Don't worry there will be cardboard planted within each post. 

Could the Twins be this year's Mets/Cubs with thier glut of young talent?

The NL Central will be stacked and competitive all year. I'm going to try and hit 3 new Grapefruit League Stadiums this year plus the usual 2 or 3 games at Disney but will try and incorporate those into my posts with some pictures. May have some guest posts as well for help with prospects and the like.  Anyways thanks for reading, i'll be back! 

PS - All of the above cards are already packed up to other homes. 


  1. The NL Central is just insane in terms of talent level - I anticipate an incredible pennant race.

  2. I went to spring training 3 years in a row back in the mid 2000's. One of the best trips you can take. I've been to a lot of the parks around the Bradenton area. Other than the Pirates I remember really enjoying the Phillies stadium in Clearwater and the Tigers in Lakeland.

    1. Those are both ones I always hit. They're both about 40 minutes from my house, gonna definitely try to hit McKechnie this year it's the same distance just never been I'm ashamed to say.

    2. The renovations they did made it look great. It is a cool place to watch a game.

  3. My gut is the Twins glut is still a year away, the rest of the central made big improvements over the off-season.

  4. True but you guys should be better as well with a full season of Erv plus Buxton