Friday, January 22, 2016

Mail Bag - The Bowman Bonanza Rolls On

Being a Braves fan in these dark ages turns you into a bit of a prospector( or at least has done so to me). Thus the recent releases of Bowman's Best and Draft, have me scanning Ebay like a mad man for good deals on signed pieces of cardboard, depicting kids just out of high school. 

At least 19 year old Braxton Davidson, last year's first round pick,  has a great looking signature to make this refractor pop.

This year's first rounder could take some lessons from Braxton in Rome if they both happen to play there next year. "K_y A_l"? C'mon man, I know Topps paid you to sign these! Maybe he doesn't want to hurt his throwing arm signing autographs. 

I guess if I got a $3.042 million dollar signing bonus at 17, I would sign that way too.

Anyways..  those 2 complete my autograph team set from the newly revived product. I still have exactly zero base cards from the set.

I also added this one of newly acquired Sean Newcomb for less than 2 bucks in a larger order. Picked up some others for other bloggers as well.

This is almost a base card but it's an atomic refractor of another new acquisition - Aaron Blair.  Both Newcomb and Blair are close to major league ready and could break camp with the big club if they impress in Spring. Being a Floridian,  I'm going to make as many spring games as possible to check out all the new kids.

Picked up another Draft auto for less than 5 bucks of Allard's high school catcher.

It came with both the base and Chrome version of Draft and these bonus Team USA cards. Herbert hurt his knee in rookie ball but should be back next year to debut in the minors. 

Finally, here's my first 2015 Tribute card.  Another Ebay win that came with some cards being sent to others, I don't know whether or not I like this design but it's on thick card stock and is a shiny Freeman, so in the binder it goes. 


  1. Touki Toussaint might be my favorite name in baseball right now; something about the alliteration appeals to me. Nice pick ups!

  2. I'm digging the Bowman's Best. I just got my first base card, or maybe it's a regular's so hard to tell with these products these days. Great additions!