Friday, January 15, 2016

PWE from Jay P

Recently struck up a trade with new blogger Jay P from Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out. Being another member of the blogger freshman class of 2015, I sent him some Diamondbacks and other wants and he sent some Braves my way. The envelope came on Tuesday but let's bust it open now..

Still love this BMac card even if he is a Bronx Bomber now and this red foil version makes me appreciate this play at the plate shot even more. 

Another guy who switched to the junior circuit, this Gold Maybin marks my 3rd gold 2015 Bravo. He was one of the few bright spots last year this'll go right in his 2015 roster binder spot.

Jared sent me this one pack fresh, I guess he busted some Select at the hobby shop and pulled this Chipper rookie. A new one to me, there are always Chippers to chase.

Collector's Choice! I already have the Maddux to go with this bobblehead card.

Three cards off my want lists! I really need to spend some time on those because it's always great to get cards off there in trade.

Again 3 new Joneses but this time of Andruw. Thanks for the trade Jay-P!

I also won this today on eBay! Stoked, glad i'll have extras to take down to Spring Training with me.

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